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We Have Lift Off

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Eight years since I first decided to write a book it has finally been published. The copies beat the Brexit deadline and have now arrived back from the printers in Lithuania. They are currently resting at a super-secret London warehouse location... as in I don't really know where they are but I trust my publisher, David Cohen of Psychology News Press, implicitly.

David is a writer, filmmaker and psychologist and therefore isn't phased in the slightest by my anxiety and OCD (even when I sent three edits in one night). We met on a train about 4 years ago. It was Christmas time, I'd just finished a gig in the Midlands (oh sigh, remember live shows?) and I had dashed out of the venue, missing the curtain call, in order to make the last train back to London.

I was sat celebrating my small victory with a miniature bottle of red wine when I spotted David and his shock of fabulous white hair. We started talking and hit it off immediately. I told him how I had lost my literary agent - a heavy hitter, but that's another story - and thankfully David didn't ask if I'd looked down the back of the sofa. He told me to send him the manuscript and the rest, as they say, is history.

I don't want to give away too much about the book, but if you imagine a Bridget with more balls and a less neurotic Carrie you're on the right track. It's not going to win the Booker Prize but it might just make you laugh out loud. I hope that as well as being a fun comic romp the book has something to say about working women and the weirdness of romance in the 21st century, otherwise known as online dating. I've also made sure that the cast of characters is diverse and inclusive, a reflection of the wonderful multicultural, liberal city of London.

I'll be hosting a virtual book launch in March where I will sign pre-ordered copies with the inscription of your choosing (and I'll post them to you personally the very next day). There will be cheese and wine too, although it is a strictly BYO affair. Watch this space for how you can sign up.

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