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Everybody's Doing It

What can you do when everyone is loved-up but you?

Katherine Wheeler is divorced, single, childless and more often than not jobless. On the eve of her 39th birthday she makes herself a promise; to be married and pregnant by the time she turns 40. What could possibly go wrong?

With a lot of time spent on the internet and a little help from her friends Kat embarks on a painfully hilarious series of dates, from the dishy doctor with the terrible breath to the aptly named "Anaconda Man". But a shocking family secret and a brush with mortality threaten to sabotage Kat's best-laid plans.

With a brilliant friendship circle, a cringeworthy family and the glittering and grimy backdrop of the London cabaret scene, this is a funny, frank, feel-good first novel from the woman Alan Davies calls, "absolutely brilliant".

On sale now at all good bookshops including;

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